Can Chronic Pain Cause Excessive Sweating?

Can Chronic Pain Cause Excessive Sweating?

People who are in chronic pain often complain of various symptoms, such as hyperactivity, elevated heart rate and blood pressure, as well as excessive sweating. Therefore, in answer to the question of can chronic pain cause excessive sweating, the answer is yes. However it is important to understand the reasons why chronic pain can cause excessive sweating.

So How Can Chronic Pain Cause Excessive Sweating?

Most people have experienced chronic pain at some time in their life. This can include anything from having a child, a fractured rib, or receiving treatment for any injury. Chronic pain usually persists for at least three months and for some originates in an episode of acute pain, and then eventually becomes more serious.

Most often chronic pain will be musculoskeletal, meaning that it manifests as pain in the back, knees, neck, limbs and joints. Headaches, nerve injuries, surgical and postoperative pain, and traumatic injury are also common. There are also people who suffer chronic pain with little or no evidence of past injury or bodily damage at all. In all of these cases the symptoms are less apparent than in the cases of acute pain because over time the autonomic nervous system actually learns to adapt to the pain.

Chronic pain can cause excessive sweating for a number of reasons. Excessive sweating is a common sign that your body is going through pain and is reacting to it.

It has been estimated that about 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, and women are usually at a higher risk of suffering from this sort of pain than men are. Chronic pain can lead to excessive sweating because continual pain can cause the body to change dramatically. Some people can no longer work, while others lose their appetite or begin to overeat. Many people start to have difficulties sleeping, and the resulting exhaustion from this often leads to feelings of irritability, depression and of course excessive sweating!


There are actually various forms of treatment available for chronic pain, the most common being opiods medications, which provide short, intermediate and long lasting analgesia depending upon the specific properties of the medication. Also there are anti-inflammatory drugs which may be administered as a single medication or in combination with other analgesics. Antidepressants used for chronic pain management act primarily on the pain pathways of the central nervous system.

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