Dangers For Athletes Who Excessively Sweating

Dangers For Athletes Who Excessively Sweating

You may not believe it, but excessive sweating is one of the leading health problems that athletes face. During sports, athletes automatically experience sweating that sometimes causes them to lose excess water from their body. This in turn causes them to not only feel exhausted and drained, but can lead to other health problems in the long run.

Phillipedes, or Nike to the Greeks, was said to have died because of myocardial complications and hyponatremia brought on by excessive sweating. There are many complications that athletes experience caused by excessive sweating, and these risks may even become fatal if not aided right away.

* Facts About Athletes And Sweating

It is common knowledge that endurance athletes sweat excessively, causing them to lose a lot of water and become dehydrated. Dehydration is usually associated with hyponatremia or a decrease in plasma sodium concentration and osmolarity, which then leads to minimal release of the ADH or anti-diuretic hormone which promotes re-absorption of water to the kidneys to help prevent dehydration.

Because the athlete is excessively sweating causing dehydration, and the sodium level is inadequate (hyponatremia), the blood pressure automatically drops and the tissue perfusion becomes inadequate. And when the blood pressure decreased, the kidneys becomes active by releasing ADH, even though their sodium level is already not enough. This leads to inadequate nutrients and oxygen, a build up of wastes products, difficulty in controlling their membrane, and their myocardial cells are increasingly overworked just to meet the demands of the oxygen required by the athlete. If this cycle continues the electrolyte imbalance becomes increasingly worse, and the cells become swollen and myocardial cells are lost. When it happens, cell membranes begin to automatically rupture.

* Take Extra Maintenance

In order to maintain the health of an athlete who is prone to excessive sweating, concentrated food nutrients are important. An important step they can take is ensuring they double or triple the amount of natural minerals and vitamins they consume. It is also imortant they use a wide range of mineral and vitamins.

Athletes who are sweating excessively also require a double or triple amount of antioxidants as compared to normal individuals to guard themselves against the potential free radicals that are produced during exercise or training. Whey protein, probiotics, fiber, and vegetables are helpful. Fatty ester like Collastin Support is also essential for athletes who are sweating excessively to maintain their joints in superb condition.

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