Excessive Sweating Control Through Bodywork

Excessive Sweating Control Through Bodywork

Body Work is an alternative process where massage is utilized to heal and increase the mind-body connection. In fact, any type of massage therapy that uses touch or pressure can be deemed as body work.

There is a widely held belief that treating the whole person can greatly enhance the mental and physical constraints that one may experience. This idea, although not new, has become the catalyst for alternative treatments in an effort to promote physical and emotional healing which can also lead to a reduction in excessive sweating.

How does it work? A massage therapist plays an active role in discerning how you are feeling at any given moment during the massage process. For example, if the pressure applied causes angst for the patient, the therapist will reduce the pressure on any given point in the body.

Moreover, the therapist’s role is to become as familiar with you as possible, such as noting your breathing, movement of body, and asking questions as to whether or not you notice a change as a result of the therapy.

In other words, unlike doctors who may take your blood pressure and ask a few questions, a body work therapist pays particular attention to your voice, your actions, and the way you move, and begins a dialogue that keeps them constantly aware of what you are feeling during the session.

By doing so, you become more attuned to your own body and what signals it is emitting. This self-awareness is important to the healing process as well as in controlling your excessive sweating.

For example, reflexology is a form of body work that incorporates applying pressure to the hands and feet which may provide relief from pain. In addition, there are at least twenty or more forms of body work that promote physical and emotional well-being.

Other well-known types of body work therapies include:

* Lymphatic Massage - increases oxygen to the body
* Ortho-Bionomy - uses movements that release tension in the body
* Polarity Therapy - deals with the positive and negative forces in the body
* Hot Stone Massage - stones with different degrees of temperature are placed on the body to promote healing

There are a host of other body work therapies as well that can help reduce your excessive sweating.

Body work has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, and has been widely used as an alternative form of healing and stress relief, which will aid you greatly in controlling excessive sweating!

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