Dealing With Night Sweating

Dealing With Night Sweating

If you notice that you are sweating at night, then odds are that you have a serious sweating problem. Sweating at night is actually a quite commonly reported problem today, and the first step with this sort of sweating problem is to distinguish between night sweats that arise from medical causes and those that occur because one’s surroundings are too warm.

Causes Of Night Sweating

If you find yourself sweating at night, then you should know there are quite a few different causes that may be responsible. Menopause is one of the most common, as the hot flashes that accompany menopausal can occur at night and cause sweating, often so much that it is uncomfortable or even unbearable. This is a very common cause of night sweating in perimenopausal women.

Infections are another common cause, and classically tuberculosis is the infection that is most commonly associated with night sweating. However, bacterial infections are also very commonly reported causes, such as endocarditis which is an inflammation of the heart valves, and osteomyelitis which is inflammation within the bones.

Taking certain medications can also be responsible for your sweating at night, and in most cases, where there are no other physical symptoms or signs of infection, medications are quite commonly determined to be the root cause of night sweating. Most types of antidepressants can cause night sweating, as can psychiatric drugs. Therefore if you are taking any of these sorts of drugs then they very well may be the reason that you are sweating at night.

Hormone disorders are often related to sweating problems, as are neurologic conditions, and hypoglycemia, which is caused by low blood glucose levels. One very important thing to take note of is that night sweating is often an early symptom of some cancers, and so it is thus even more important that you get checked out by a medical professional.

Getting Help

If you have a sweating problem, regardless of whether it takes place specifically during the night or not, you need to make sure that you get help for it. This means researching natural cures and treatments for this condition. Often times a sweating problem is permanent, meaning that you will never actually be able to get rid of it, but for the most part this is only when it is hereditary. Sweating problems that are caused by stress, anxiety, medications, and other similar causes can be helped by removing the trigger.

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