Using Herbal Oil To Reduce Excessive Sweating

Using Herbal Oil To Reduce Excessive Sweating

Herbal oil is wonderfully healing and can be used on the skin as a moisturizer or massage oil. The oil is applied in rapid strokes thereby triggering healing responses of the body which in turn starts flooding the body with new cells, including fresh hydrated collagen and elastin. The reason the herbal oil is applied in rapid strokes is to allow the recipient to receive the very hot oil without feeling any burning.

As a gentle application of warm special herbal oil is first applied to the skin, the highly concentrated oil is easily absorbed through the skin. A stream of the warmed oil is then directed onto the third eye on your forehead for many silent and peaceful moments. It removes stress and induces deep relaxation. Special herbal oil is applied to the neck and the shoulder to release muscular spasms, rheumatic pain and stress related conditions as these areas often can become stiff and tense.

Refresh your body and experience a gentle exfoliation of skin cells, invigorate with a refreshing shower and nourish with an application of moisturizing body butter. These heavenly oil therapies will rejuvenate and relax your body & soul. This type of purification path is designed to balance the body and regain equilibrium with treatments that purify and detoxify by releasing excess energy and stress.
Your entire body is massaged with these specially made mixtures after they are warmed in medicated oils. This promotes circulation and increases perspiration of the body thus resulting in the skin eliminating the waste materials which improves skin tone. The treatment begins with a half hour massage to induce a state of profound relaxation. This treatment also strengthens the central nervous system and reduces tension and stress by utilizing slow deep pressure with long continuous stoke. Be sure you often receive a gentle massage to relax your deserving body.

This Herbal oil therapies are also very good at relieving stress and strain and generating sleep. This improves circulation and relieves muscular stress and aches. It is also a purifying and rejuvenating therapy designed to eliminate toxins and mental exhaustion as well as relieve stress. The technique refer to the use of thumb & palm pressure to stimulate the flow of energy and unblocking pressure points, it enable the body to heal itself and become stress free.

A hydrating facial massage can increase blood circulation and reduce stress and tension, leaving the skin firmer, smoother, and softer. A regular Abhyanga will help protect against stress, anxiety, exhaustion and vata disorders. It improves the function of the five senses, helps relieve insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression, hair loss, and fatigue, and makes one calm and fresh.

Shirodhara is an ancient Indian body therapy from the Ayurvedic tradition in which herbal oil is poured slowly, gently and continuously over the forehead. In a deeply relaxing Ayurvedic treatment herbal oil is dripped slowly onto your forehead, an experience not to be missed. This is a unique Indian treatment where herbal oil is used to bathe the head in a regular stream. The warm oil is poured gently on your forehead and scalp in a continuous flow to bring peace and clarity to your mind and body.

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