Understanding Why Sweating Is Important To Survival

Understanding Why Sweating Is Important To Survival

Many people think that sweating is nothing more than an annoying problem, however this is actually not true at all. Sweating is actually important for the body’s survival, and so it is really necessary for all humans to be able to sweat. That is why it is so important to understand that sweating is important to survival.

Why Sweating Is Important To Survival

When it comes to the question of why sweating is important to survival, the most important answer is because it helps to keep the body’s temperature properly regulated. Despite enormous changes in temperature of our external environment, through sweating your internal body temperature is able to remain fairly constant.

Basically what happens here is that when you are exposed to excessive heat, the sweat glands in your body pour out sweat, and carry out the vital task of cooling off your body in order to keep you from overheating. It is this thermoregulatory mechanism which has allowed humans to be able to adapt to even the hottest climates.

Sweat itself tends to be clear and odorless, however the odor that you notice with your sweat comes from the sweat mixing with the various bacteria that is present on your skin. It is normal to lose about two quarts of liquid through perspiration each day, and perspiration is not under voluntary control, meaning that in no way can you determine when or how much you sweat.

There are various factors that do affect this however, such as emotional and environmental factors, and even cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking can cause excessive sweating.

Although sweating can be very uncomfortable and unpleasant, when we learn the answers to a question such as why sweating is important to survival, as we have here, it is easy to see just how important sweating actually is. The question of why sweating is important to survival is vital to understand, especially if you yourself have a sweating problem, because then at least you will not feel so bad about it.

If you do have a sweating problem, then you should know that there are various forms of treatment that are available, and so you should never feel helpless or alone or as though there is nothing that you can do about your problem.

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