How To Stop Sweating Naturally

How To Stop Sweating Naturally

So you sweat like a pig and want to learn how to stop sweating naturally. Well, first of all, pigs don’t sweat, that’s why you always see these beautiful animals wallowing in mud. This is how they cool themselves. So really, no matter how big the dark circles grow under your armpits, you don’t have it as bad as you could.

Sweating is how your body maintains a healthy operating temperature, similar to the way the coolant system in your car keeps it from overheating. The difference is, if your car overheats, you’re only going to be out a few bucks for a radiator hose or maybe a new thermostat. But if you overheat, you could be visiting an undertaker. So you really want to learn how to stop sweating naturally and to control your sweating to avoid potentially embarrassing situations.


The medical term for excessive sweating is hyperhidrosis. The main culprit when it comes to severe sweating is the underarms, which could mean you suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis. If you work outdoors in the heat, such as construction or on a road crew, this shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, axillary hyperhidrosis for this type of worker could actually result in increased productivity. The problems arise when an office worker or salesman suffers from this type of excessive sweating. For these workers, learning how to stop sweating naturally could result in increased productivity on the job and maybe even lead to a date with a co-worker.

Controlling The Flow

The easiest way to stop sweating naturally is to increase your physical fitness level and stamina. A person who is overweight will notice an increase in his or her body temperature at a faster rate when performing physical activity than someone who is more physically fit. As the body temperature rises, the sweating begins, followed soon by embarrassment and decreased productivity. So the more you sweat at the gym, the less you will at the office.

There is really no absolute way to stop sweating naturally, but there are ways to control your sweating. Baby powder is a common way to control your sweating, just rub it on your affected areas and it will help absorb the moisture. Of course, if your affected areas are your hands and forehead, this is probably not desirable. But since the armpits are the most commonly affected areas, these are what we will focus on. Keeping armpit hair trimmed or shaved will help, assuming you bathe regularly. Stress can also trigger increased body temperature, so try and relax, enjoy your life, and feel lucky you don’t have to wallow in a mud hole to keep your temperature down!

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