Natures Air Conditioner: Why Sweating Cools People Off

Natures Air Conditioner: Why Sweating Cools People Off

When you exercise, or your body gets overheated for whatever reason, you begin to secrete fluid out of the pores of your skin. Why does this happen? Well, this liquid that comes out of your pores is called sweat and if it didn’t happen, you’d literally cook to death in your own skin. Sweat is your body’s natural way of cooling itself off.

So, why does sweating cool people off? It’s very simple, sweating is your body’s natural air conditioner. We all know that sweating isn’t attractive and it doesn’t smell so great but you need it to survive. So, instead of asking why does sweating cool people off, you should ask how you can control it, and make it smell better, while embracing it as a natural and very necessary bodily function.

Children’s Questions

It’s usually children who ask, “Why does sweating cool people off?” As parents, we have to try to keep a straight face while we explain that it’s your body’s natural air conditioner. The fact is, kids are very inquisitive and we should indulge them. And, we should tell them the truth. Don’t teach them to be grossed out by sweat, even though it can be embarrassing when it stains our clothing and it doesn’t make us smell very good. When they ask, “Why does sweating cool people off?” teach them that it’s a natural and beautiful thing, and then teach them how they can control sweat with deodorant and other smell good products.

The Downside

The downside to sweating is that we can quickly become dehydrated if we sweat too much. Especially if we exercise too much, we will sweat to cool our bodies off but we will also lose the water that makes up much of our bodies. Our bodies are in fact more than seventy percent water, thus we must drink plenty of water to keep our bodies running efficiently. Then, our bodies will have enough water in order to sweat to cool us off.

So don’t be afraid of sweating, and don’t be afraid when your child asks, “Why does sweating cool people off?” Tell them the truth, and embrace sweating as a very good thing. Then you won’t be afraid to raise your arms, even though they may be stained and smelly. You are cooling your body off and that’s how our bodies were designed, as self sufficient, self cooling, machines. What could be more beautiful or perfect than that?

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