Ways To Stop Sweating

Ways To Stop Sweating

Suppose you find yourself in a situation where you meet someone you find attractive and decide to ask them on a date. You walk up, introduce yourself, and reach to shake their hand with your warm, damp paw. Or maybe you’re in class and the teacher asks a question which you know the answer to, but you are afraid to raise your hand because of the huge dark circle under your arm.

Many people are uncomfortable in social situations because of excessive sweating problems. These problems can put a strain on social relationships and lead to a decrease in productivity on the job because of embarrassment or fear of embarrassment. So how do you stop your excessive sweating?

If you have been looking for answers on how to stop excessive sweating, then I assume that you have tried over the counter antiperspirants and found them to be ineffective. If you haven’t, then you may have missed the simplest way to control the sweat. If your problem lies more with the odor caused by sweating than the sweat itself, then you may want to use an antiperspirant with deodorant. The odor is caused by bacteria in the armpit which react with the sweat. Keep your armpits clean and hair trimmed or shaved to decrease the levels of these bacteria.

In their efforts to stop excessive sweating, some white-collar workers have reported wearing sports under garments, such as Under Armour, as a way to avoid the embarrassing dark sweat stains that can appear under the arms. The fabric of these garments works by pulling the sweat from the skin without redistributing it, thereby avoiding soaking the outer clothes. Some who wear these undergarments have even reported a decrease in the level of sweat on the palms of their hands and feet due to their overall cooler body temperatures. So it may be that the key to stopping excessive sweating lies with what you’re wearing.

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